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Our intuitive tools are easy to use and equipped with powerful, advanced features – with safety in focus.

“Entergate pay attention to our ideas, which we very much appreciate. They are able to convert our input to a practical interactive tool which enables us to work ahead. esTracer is a good example. We like the fact that there are different ways of asking questions and that the films with instructions and information are easily woven in.”

Västra Götalandsregionen “We save time with direct access to esMaker. The collaboration with Entergate has been amazing for more than ten years. They listen to our needs and wishes, benefit from our own knowledge and deliver a solution.”

About Entergate

Our offer is to take our customers from one position to a better one. We are there for you with all our experience and quick support all the way.


esMaker is an innovative tool to create surveys and gather information, analyze and report feedback from customers, staff, patients and many others.


esTracer is a complete tool to efficiently take stock of knowledge and to get track of needs for training, and with minimal paperwork.


pointSurvey is one of the first tools for creating digital surveys with built-in geographic information such as roads, buildings and locations.


enterMedic is a web-based documentation system by linking patient records allows health care providers to collect data, identify patients and track their progress.

Our story

Entergate are specialists at high technology software and  behind the revolutionizing online applications esMaker,  esTracer, PointSurvey and  EnterMedic. We deliver powerful solutions for surveys, learning tests, geographical surveys and research tools. 

Our solutions are combined with the market’s most advanced report- and analysis feature, offering results in real time. 

Take your organization to the next level with our simple, innovative tools – Get Further!.


You are always welcome to contact our support team free of charge. There is always a person who can answer your questions and you don't have to wait a phone queue. 

High security

Entergates develops and delivers modern, high quality products with high security.

Results in real time

Real-time results are always displayed in Entergate's products. You can easily track results through external links and save results in Excel, Powerpoint, Word, PDF, and SPSS formats.


Entergate aims to minimize manual work for you as a customer. Therefore we offer integration to other programs. Please contact us for more information.