About Entergate

Entergate started in the USA at one time. We were at the forefront of developing search engines and at that time people thought internet was a trend on the way out. From 2001 the whole business is located in Sweden, but we still have our global contact network and international customers. Most importantly we still have our curiosity and innovativeness. That is why we can offer unusually smart, easy tools and applications which you will get use of to find out what the outside world thinks of your business or products and service.Our offer is to take our customers from one position to and even newer and better. We are with you all the way, with our experience and fast support.
Entergates products and service brings our customers from one position to an even higher position. By easy, modern questionnaire tools which are constantly under development. By feedback and results to hand, it’s easier to move forward, make sensible decisions which result in a substantial impact. A move, a motion towards your employees’ goals. Get further! We practice what we preach. To our customers and to each other in order to reach our own vision. A worldwide market-leading IT-pioneer.

The team

How we work While others supply a product and say “Thank you and good bye”, we take a step forward and offer a dialogue. We are not afraid of change nor or stuck in our old ways. Without any boundaries we work together with our customers. We listen and try doing things in a new way. We are always learning, bettering ourselves, supplying products and services in order to solve problems and serve a purpose in the best way practically possible.
Team rolls Entergate consists of a team of twenty people, who are sharp, progressive, have up to date experience and new ideas. Service and support, Product Developers, Programmers, Salespeople and Business Managers all work together at the head office in Halmstad. Team spirit is passed on and everyone on the team feels a part of it.

A selection of our customers