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Entergate was founded in 1998, with the goal of delivering innovative tools with a focus on user-friendliness and security.Over the last 20 years, technology has developed, engaged and changed the world around us, but our goal is still as relevant as ever before, to make tools as simple, safe and above all as flexible as possible. Our philosophy is based on strong and long-term relationships with our customers. Our customer relationships are based on us being responsive, participatory and easily accessible. In Sweden, we are the market leader in the public sector, with large global customers such as Volvo Cars and Atlas Copco. Our mission is to take our customers to another level with our simple, innovative tools – Get further!

The Team

That’s how we work

When others deliver a product and then say thank you and hello, we take a step forward and invite dialogue. We are not afraid of change, not molded into a solid and traditional form. We work without limits and together with our customers. We listen and dare to try new ways. We learn, fill in the improvement list and deliver products and services that solve problems and fill needs in practice.

The roles in the team

A team of fast, innovative people with fresh experiences and new ideas. Service and support, product developers, programmers, sales people, training staff and company management work closely and together at the head office in Halmstad. The team spirit is contagious and affects every new member of the team.

Work with us

We are always looking for motivated people who want to grow with us. Are you passionate about customer experiences, sales or product development? See our open positions or send in a spontaneous application

Our Mission

Supporting customer insight with easy to use effective tools


We at Entergate work hard to show our customers that they can trust that we are always available to provide technical support, trust that we store data securely and trust that we will always offer the best solutions – and keep stuck to what we promise. Reliability is central to our core values.


Humility is central to our branding and culture. We have a welcoming, friendly and helpful attitude – towards customers and each other. In addition, a humble attitude for us means showing each other respect, listening and understanding each other’s needs and priorities, caring for each other but also caring for the environment and society to develop in a sustainable, equal and positive way.


Regardless of problems – large or small – our customers can always reach out to us for personal support. At Entergate, we have a family-friendly corporate culture. We are a very close team and our helpful approach comes naturally. You will always find a friendly voice at the end of the phone to help you.


Flexibility is a key word for us. We always try to find flexible solutions, tailored to every need. All our tools are developed together with our customers. Together, we come up with a flexible solution that suits your organization.


High quality customer service and the level of our tools. Boundlessness permeates every aspect of the company, most of it is possible, in customer service and in the tools.

We work for our customers

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