Our story

Entergate was founded in 1998, with the goal of delivering innovative tools focusing on user-friendliness and safety. The past 20 years, technology has developed, engaged and changed the world around us, but our goal is still as relevant as ever before, to make tools as simple, secure and above all, as flexible as possible. 

Our philosophy is based on strong and long term relationships with our customers. Our customer relationships are based on that we are attentive, involved and accessible. In Sweden, we are the market leaders in the public sector, with global customers such as Volvo Cars and Atlas Copco. 

Our mission is to offer easy, secure and innovative software solutions that helps our customers to Get further!

The Team

How we work
While others supply a product and say “Thank you and good bye”, we take a step forward and offer a dialogue. We are not afraid of change nor are we stuck in our old ways. Without any boundaries we work together with our customers. We listen and try doing things in a new way. We are always learning, bettering ourselves, supplying products and services in order to solve problems and serve a purpose in the best way practically possible.

The rols in the team 
Entergate consists of a team of twenty people, who are sharp, progressive, have up to date experience and new ideas. Service and support, Product Developers, Programmers, people in sales and Business Managers all work together at the head office in Halmstad. Team spirit is passed on and everyone on the team feels a part of it.

Our core values

Want to join us?

We are always looking for driven people who want to grow with us. Are you passionate about customer experiences, sales or product development? Submit a spontaneous application today at


Entergate works hard to show our customers that they can trust us to store data securely, trust us to be available to provide technical support, and trust us to always provide the best solutions – and holding on to our promises.  


Whatever the issue - small or big- our customers can always reach out to us for personalised support. At Entergate we are very close team, so our supportive approach is second nature. You'll always find a friendly voice at the end of the phone to help you.


We understand your tools represent you and your company - so they need to be of the highest standard.  


Our softwares are designed with our customers in mind. With us, no prior knowledge is needed, and our focus is that every aspect should be user-friendly.


At Entergate, we are flexible at our core. We develop with our customers at all times. All of our softwares are developed with our customers- and we are always trying to get further. The customers don´t follow us, we follow our customers.


Everything Entergate does has to be done well - with the highest possible quality.