Integrating the Patient in the Health Care Process

Patientsurveys for health care providers and researchers. 

Transform real-life patient experience into valuable information. EnterMedic is an online based platform specifically designed to capture the patient experience, improve the quality of  personalised  health care, and optimize the workflow for physicians. The first online medical  application able to communicate directly with the Electronic Health Record (EHR). 

EnterMedic is created by Entergate AB (Inc.) and further developed with consultation from The Center for Clinical Research (a collaboration between the County of  Västmanland and Uppsala University). The Center for Clinical Research is using EnterMedic daily to collect patient-information, to structure treatment processes, and to gather data to facilitate future studies within specific research areas. EnterMedic gives you a comprehensive understanding of your patient and lets the patient follow their visits and treatments in real-time. By collecting individualized patient information prior to, during and after doctor-visits, you will be able spend more time focusing on patient-centered care and less time on administration.   


Why  Entermedic? 

“Digitalization is the future for further development within health care. When resources are scarce and the need is great, we need to increase our efficacy. The patient-queues have disappeared, and for the first time we are able to live up to the three-month care guarantee”

How does EnterMedic work?

Create digital forms with your own questions and texts in several different languages. The patient responds to health questionnaires over the Internet and can follow their treatment in real time. The results are presented in comprehensible reports directly shows the possible risk factors and problems. EnterMedic has made a connection to patient records possible. The report can be sent directly to the patient record to minimize manual administration. All information is stored in the patient record, which makes it easier for the health care provider to make a faster and better substantiated diagnosis and treatment of the patient. EnterMedic stimulates increased patient safety, improved patient satisfaction and higher quality of care. Integrate the patient into the care process!

Create digital forms

Adjust the form with customized questions and texts and different languages

Comprehensible reports

The results are presented in comprehensible reports that directly​ indicated eventual risk factors and problems.

Connection to Patient journal

The report can be sent to the patient journal to minimize manual administration.

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EnterMedic is compatibel with1177 vårdguiden and Cambio Cosmic. 

Medical product with the CE marking 

EnterMedic is registered as a medical device by the FDA and is CE-marked. 

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Scandinavian study tests guidelines used in the emergency department using EnterMedic

Study to ensure guideline performance and improved resource utilization

Clinical decision rules are used in health care to improve management
and resource utilization in the emergency department after head trauma
in children. Fredrik Wickbom and his research team leads the SHIPP-study, “Validation study of the Scandinavian head injury guidelines for pediatric patients”, which aims to validate and develop a new Scandinavian guideline for head injury management in children.

– The purpose of the study is among others to increase patient safety and reduce the number of unnecessary CT X-ray examinations in children. We want to ensure that all children are managed in a similar and safe way, regardless of which emergency department they visit. CT examinations might be harmful, but it is also expensive and resource demanding to admit children for in-hospital observation if it is not necessary. If we can reduce the load on the staff and use the care facilities efficiently, we use our resources in a better way, says Fredrik Wickbom.

– The study is observational and should include over five thousand children with head injury throughout Scandinavia and results will be presented in 2024. It would have been inefficient to use the traditional method, with pa- per and by letter, to carry out such a large study. Entergate is a great asset for us and for the study. They are responsive and quick with flexible solutions, but also with a safe product which is a fantastic tool in our research study. The study is led by Fredrik Wickbom, MD. Operation and intensive care department. Halland Hospital Halmstad and Lund University

The study is led by Fredrik Wickbom, MD. Operation and intensive care department. Halland Hospital Halmstad and Lund University


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