A modern, secure and cloud-based survey tool

Entergate has listened to more than one hundred municipalities, many regions and counties, authorities, the Swedish Road Administration, PostNord, Swedish Pharmacy, Volvo, IKEA, insurance companies and other companies within the private sector that aims to move forward and beyond.
Together, we have built a simple, modern and cloud-based tool to get feedback on products and services to develop and get better, get more satisfied customers, grow and make profit.
With a complete comprehensive collection of questions and an enormous flexibility esMaker suits perfect for course evaluations, to measure customer satisfaction, as well as to examine the patient experiences or how employees perceive their work environment. Responses are handled with the most respect for respondent’s integrity esMaker also has, within the world of surveys, the most powerful reporting function with results in real time.
esMaker suits

Authorities • Public sector • Counties • Schools and universities • Private sector


Customize your survey with your own texts in several languages.


Publish your survey via web, intranet, email, mobile, on paper, etc.


Analyze the real-time answers in esMakers powerful reporting section.

Super easy to create and publish surveys with results and feedback in real time.

esMaker is a complete tool to create surveys and gather information, analyze and report feedback from customers, staff, patients and many others. It is easy to use, even though the features are advanced. You do not need any specific prior knowledge and you have access to an experienced support. There is no need to install any special software. esMaker can be used wherever you are. Log on to the website and get going.

Produce, publish, analyze, report. Support is included.

You will have access to a complete comprehensive and functional collection of questions designed by survey experts, but also with a great and built-in flexibility for you as a user. Customize your surveys with your own texts in several languages. Reuse your previous surveys. Reuse questions or entire questionnaires. Design questions that determine which of the following questions the respondent will answer. Smart and logical.
The appearance of your survey can be customized in terms of design, with the right colors and logos. Pictures and videos can with ease be added into the questions.
When the questionnaire is ready for publication, you can choose in what form it will be sent and in what way it will be answered in order to get the best distribution and the highest response rate. Publish directly to the Web and intranet or start with sending invites to participation. You can also publish for mobile and tablet, or you can use the traditional postal service with a printed paper questionnaire. Combine the many and then compile the results in a single report.
esMaker supports other ways to benefit from touch screens, such as in a reception or in the meeting room, in order to reach your target audience.
Once the survey is published, the collection of data from respondents’ answers starts immediately. Responses are collected automatically in a secure database and is ready to be analyzed. esMaker’s toolkit has a wide variety of filters and options for selection, allowing you to break down the answers and obtain specific details.
Follow the results in real time the moment they are sent to esMaker. Create a link to follow a survey’s result in real time without being logged on.
The results of your survey can be presented in a simple or an advanced report. You can break down the answers in various groups such as groups by age or region. You can also manage your selections, use crosstab reports, free text analysis, create statistics, averages, etc. Creating a report is easy with pre-designed templates and different types of diagrams and color schemes. The report can be exported to different programs, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OpenOffice or pdf.
You can also present the report directly on a website or export the results and import it to e.g. SPSS.

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