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Create custom courses, portals and tests

Complete E-Learning Platform


esTracer is a complete e-learning tool for inventory knowledge, build your own training and tests. Create your organization’s own training portal for employees and managers. Customize the tool completely according to your organization.

With esTracer, the training is both fun for the participant and effective for the organizer. The tool is just as suitable for in-house training and quality assurance as for testing knowledge levels among both school students and management groups in the business world.

Tailor a portal for your specific organization - Customize the portal for each employee

With esTracer you can create individual portals for each employee or for your organization. Each participant can log in and answer the tests assigned to it. esTracer includes many smart features for different types of issues and correction with real-time results. Parties that in manual work require a lot of time and resources. In the tool you can analyze the participants at individual level and group level.


Create your own courses!

Upload your own training material

Question bank

Build your own question bank or choose from our ready-made question banks

Create courses

Customize your own programs tailored to your needs


Test your employees' level of knowledge
Certify with diploma


Follow the development of knowledge in real time and create your own statistics

Group Analysis & Individual Analysis

Analyze at group level or at individual level


No features are add-ons. All are included in a license.

Create custom tests

Create your own Educations

Education portals & the management portal

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Tests, courses and Training

Gather everything in one platform

esTracer is the tool for you who want to ensure the quality and development of your employees in a simple way. Use our ready-made training programs or make your own. Create custom portals for each employee or onboarding.

Gather routines, policies, instructions in one place. In the same platform, employees can attend training courses and complete courses.

Fire protection, security, policies or your internal systems? Build your organization’s customized platform.

Create, test, correct, educate, certify and follow up.
Support included.


esTracer contains a variety of types of questions, which you can use to build your own question bank. Customize your test to your needs with texts, pictures and videos to give instructions or to ask questions. Set time limits for the test and warn the participant when time is running out.

Examples of functions:

  • Right / wrong questions in, for example, single choice, multiple choice, blinds, matrices.
  • Question bank that asks random questions
  • Question tree with different categories
  • Fill in missing words or end sentences
  • Correct point questions highlighted in an image
  • Drag and drop issues
  • Questions where the right alternative should be combined
  • Questions that can give minus points!


There are several ways to send out the test to your participants. Create a link to the test on the website or in your intranet. Invite via mobile or tablet, or print out your test on paper. Another way is to create a digital portal where each participant gets their own account. In the participant portal, the participant also gets access to previous tests, results, grades and comments from you as an organizer. Being a participant in the test is easy and fun. The answers to each question are corrected immediately and the participant receives a receipt of their knowledge in real time. For those who get approved, diplomas and certificates can be printed out.


Forget paper piles and markers. The correction is done automatically, with real-time results for the participant. esTracer can also rate completed tests. Mean values, highest and lowest grades among the participants are produced in a few seconds. All results are then collected and saved in esTracer. With all the information gathered in one place, you can easily follow each test participant's results, but also the development over time if several tests are performed. Functionality that saves a lot of time and resources for you as the organizer of the test. If you would rather correct manually via esTracer, then of course it also works well!

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