Cloud-based survey solution with integrated geographical mapping  

Together, we have built a simple, modern and cloud-based tool to get feedback on products and services to develop and get better, get more satisfied customers, grow and make profits.
pointSurvey makes geographical information a part of digital surveys, with maps and pictures, in which the respondent can mark out locations and routes as well as leave comments.
The first version of pointSurvey was developed in cooperation with the Swedish Department of Transport and the Swedish municipality Alingsås for the identification of child safety in traffic. PointSurvey is now used in many fields, e.g. to hear disabled people’s opinion about accessibility in public areas, citizen’s perception of security in their local environment as well as in the identification of safety in the workplace.

Select routes

Give respondents opportunity to draw their route from, for example, home to school on a map.

Point out places

Allow respondents to point out places on maps or images.

Analyze and process the answers

Analyze the answers fast in in pointSurveys powerful reporting function.

Create and publish forms with results and feedback in real time.

pointSurvey is a complete tool for creating digital surveys with built-in geographic information such as roads, buildings and locations. It’s easy to participate in the survey, which has a smart and a pedagogical framework. A route is drawn by marking points for start, routing and destination. Problematic sites or areas are marked with icons and the respondent can make free comments or comment via the options in a drop-down menu. Anonymity can be guaranteed.
It’s easy to create the questionnaire, even if the features are advanced. You do not need any specific previous knowledge and you have access to an experienced support. You don’t even need to install any special software. pointSurvey can be used wherever you are. Log on to the website and get going.

Ask, get answers, get better, develop. Support is included.

There is a complete and functional pool of questions designed by survey experts, but also great and built-in flexibility for you as a user. Customize your survey with your own questions and background information, download the maps or images. You can choose which region you want to appear, set the limitations for zoom tools and what portion of the map that will be available.
The appearance of your survey can be customized in terms of design, with the right colors and logos.
Once the questionnaire is ready for publication, you can choose how it will be sent and will be answered in order to get the best distribution and the highest response rate. Publish directly to the Web and intranet or invite to participation with an ordinary letter. You can also publish via cell phone and tablet, or you can send via email. It’s fine to combine and then compile the results in a single report.
Another way is to use touch screens, for example, is in the waiting room, reception or meeting room to reach your desired audience
pointSurvey has a fast and powerful reporting function. When the inquiry is published the data collection starts immediately as the respondents give their answer. Responses are collected automatically in a secure database and the results are presented in real time. At any time, you can take advantage of the results received, also via link without being logged on to the program.
When all the collected data is analyzed, the itineraries that can be matched with each other as one and the same way. You get a clear image and which clearly shows which roads, footpaths and cycle paths that are used and what are the places and situations that are
A geographical survey gives responses: Which routes are being used? How many people use each road? How frequently are the routes used? Which sites are experienced as difficult or dangerous? To what degree?

Learn more about pointSurvey

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