Our customers

Entergate has heard more than one hundred municipalities, many regions and counties, authorities, the Swedish Road Administration, PostNord, Swedish Pharmacy, Volvo, IKEA, insurance companies and other companies within the private sector that aims to move forward and beyond.
“Entergate pay attention to our ideas, which we very much appreciate. They are able to convert our input to a practical interactive tool which enables us to work ahead. esTracer is a good example. We like the fact that there are different ways of asking questions and that the films with instructions and information are can be easily woven in.”
Västra Götalandsregionen
“We save time with direct access to esMaker. The collaboration with Entergate has been amazing for more than ten years. They listen to our needs and wishes, benefit from our own knowledge and deliver a solution.”
“What we basically do is to help people by using disability aids to have a better quality of life. During the process we take special care of the people we meet and take full responsibility for that the services and products used really work.

No longer a queue to kids and youth psychiatry

BUP Västmanland
“There are no longer a queue and for the first time we can live up to the three month care guarantee. We have got a good sorting instrument for prioritization, which means an improved patient flow, that is, children and adolescents get to the right place of care right away”