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Sweden’s largest chain of Pharmacists Everywhere in Sweden, from north to south, the classical green signs can be seen. With the 370 pharmacies in both towns and countryside, as well as 670 Pharmaceutical agents there is plenty of availability. Apoteket Ltd. is one of Sweden’s leading trademarks, having achieved awards for ”The best service business within the Pharmacy trade” and” Sweden’s most highly considered and honest business” in the last two years. In order to keep this position and continue to develop there is a well-spoken off strategy which is a top priority: “Knowledge”.
3.500 qualified employees Pia Winstedt-Sandin is a Pharmacist and has been working within Apoteket Ltd. for thirty years. The last ten to fifteen years has consisted of skills development through e-learning, and a mixture of courses, where training can be combined through both digital learning and typical learning in the classroom. – We want to make it easier in order to feel at ease. It doesn’t matter if you come to the Pharmacy to collect medicine on prescription or to get advice about what medicine to buy for pain or a stuffy nose. One should always feel comfortable with the advice given. Half of Apoteket Ltd’s. 3500 employees are registered Pharmacists, but even our Pharmacy Technicians who are qualified Self-Care Advisers play a very important part. Medication, rules and possibilities Apoteket Ltd. has a distinctive strategy in order to maintain its position; Employees, skills, high quality and durability. – We strive towards the best meeting with the customer where they get notice and receive good advice. We have a high standard for our products and suppliers who want to be a part of Apoteket Ltd’s quality guaranteed assortment. That is very important for our credibility and the security for the customer when they purchase from us. Within the Pharmaceutical business there are constant changes so development skills are required for our employees in order for them to keep up and to meet the needs of the customer.
esMaker and esTracer in the portal The Pharmaceutical Academy is a unit within the Apoteket Ltd. which is responsible internally for coordinating and making development skills more efficient. – In order to meet the training needs within the organization we have set up a portal which can be used easily and efficiently   from your home or anywhere else. The portal which is open and extensive consists of everything, from further qualifications for Pharmacists to further qualifications to become a Director. “We believe in offering steps within the career along with possibilities for development to all our employees.  This way the whole of Apoteket Ltd. develops”, says Pia. Working together with Entergate started as early as 2001. Pia Winstedt- Sandin who is responsible for putting together and fixing training courses in the Pharmaceutical Academy has worked closely together with Entergate from the very start. There are many businesses which have digital questionnaires and tests as their major target. We are excellent at forming well filled training courses as well as interesting question forms. Entergate pay attention to our ideas, which we very much appreciate. They are able to convert our input to a practical interactive tool which enables us to work ahead. esTracer is a good example. We like the fact that there are different ways of asking questions and that the films with instructions and information are can be easily woven in. It’s very functional and easy to take in. Employees get direct feedback when they have asked a question; it is therefore very highly educational, very effective learning which saves a lot of time for us and our employees.
Easy used tool Pia Winstedt- Sandin is an experienced manufacturer and organizer in a large organization. Apoteket Ltd. has over three thousand employees with different professions and tasks. Furthermore they are from 83 different countries and together speak 57 different languages. A lot of flexibility is required. We can send invites, questionnaires and tests to a particular group of employees or to others to test their knowledge, be a part of employees’ opinions or to gather a group of employees to be part of a development effort.” For me who is responsible for putting together and administering courses it works perfectly. It’s easy to use with simple steps in order for me to create and produce. The support works well both online, in the program and by phone. I always get immediate help.” Apoteket in the future A few examples of popular services on offer today are Apoteket’s allergy checkups, blood pressure checkups, help with sleeping problems and a health lab. However, Pia Winstedt-Sandin thinks that the health service will be more in demand in the future. “Apotek will not in any way replace nursing care but I think that the Pharmaceutical trade will develop more health requirements in the future in order to take the pressure of the Health Care System. Needless to say more special services will be needed which in turn will require more qualifications. It will be exciting”
About Apoteket AB: No. of employees: 3 470 employees No. of shops: 370 shops in 250 locations No. of customers: 33 million per year Turnover: 18,6 million SEK
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