Clinical results are measured by esMaker.

One of Sweden’s leading Occupational Therapist Service businesses who specialize in giving people with a disability a better quality of life. ”In the last few years we have started to measure clinical results with standard follow-ups in quality. Attaining a better knowledge of  what our patients think of the disability aid they use, gives us the security that our customers and patients have a better quality of life.” says Göran Sigblad from TeamOlmed.
Advanced technology within Disability aid
The idea behind the business is to help people with a disability to get back the full usage of their limbs. We test and produce advanced products like, a digital steered arm, artificial legs, knee aids, and special insoles for children’s shoes, rheumatics, diabetics, amputation amongst other things in order to meet the means of the individual.

– What we basically do is to help people by using disability aids to have a better quality of life. During the process we take special care of the people we meet and take full responsibility for that the services and products used really work.

Contract with the County Council
TeamOlmed has had a contract for many years with the County Councils in Stockholm, Uppsala, Östergötland, Jönköping, Kalmar, Kronoberg as well as the District of Halland.

The patient’s perspective is significant for our whole organization but our customers are also our referrals. This means that we are partly responsible for that tax payer’s money is used in the best possible way and at the same time withhold a high standard and service for those we come in contact with. Our top priority is to keep up to date with current research and at the same time continue to expand our efficiency.

Measuring clinical results
Cooperation with Entergate started off with a survey to measure the key issue of customer satisfaction with waiting rooms. Later on a large survey with five hundred respondents was carried out to measure how to come up with clinical results.
– We wanted to find out from the survey to what extent the different groups’ of patients used their disability aid. Another survey addressed a special group of patients in order to measure the degree of pain they experienced and measure reduction of medication. esMaker is a great instrument for us. We don’t use it to carry out research but for follow-ups on quality and to obtain even more knowledge. This clarifies for us that what we do really works.
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Göran Sigblad
Reg. Prosthetist
Masters in Leadership
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