Employee survey

The starting point for the employee survey is simplicity for you as a customer! By quickly produce, distribute and analyze the survey, we offer a modern and efficient way to conduct employee surveys. Our goal is that, according to your needs, offer invaluable help in your work.
Strategic development work The most important thing of the employee survey is to see development within the organization. The idea is that the questionnaire should be able to describe what development work should focus on. By yearly let employees answer the survey you can measure progress from year to year and keep good quality, with satisfied, committed and healthy employees. We see that organizations that continually allow their employees to speak up consequently create huge opportunities for development.
Put your employees in focus The purpose is to evaluate employees’ work situation in order to enhance cooperation and develop relations between managers and employees throughout the organization. With a well thought out and tested questionnaire it can then be a simple way to produce valuable and important feedback from their employees to have a pleasant and efficient workplace.

You decide the design - we cover the whole process of the survey

Entergate help you with the entire process, from building the organizational structure of the final reports. We offer a ready-built and well-tested employee questionnaire that measures the psychological working environment at all levels of the organization. You, the customer can then proceed from the survey, make changes or join us and create a new survey. The essential thing is that it will be designed to suit you and your staff.
Benefits of Entergate's employee survey
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